Friday, August 26, 2011

We Got the Keys!

Well I should be a bit more excited, but the whole thing was pretty anti-climatic. This happened after Independence Day weekend. Even at the last minute when signing papers with the notary, there were screw ups on the paperwork as far as the amount being borrowed, mortgage payment, and such. These same questions were still confusing us all while the papers were at the title company. This completely boggles my mind. And then the next thing you know, we get a refund check of about SEVEN THOUSAND from the title compnay due to over paying for closing costs. Yeah, that rubbed me the wrong way because that's $7,000 that we DID NOT have to borrow, but are now paying interest on.

Ugh. Why couldn't they have figured that our before? This whole home purchase has been such a nightmare. I've spent many nights praying about it in order to find some peace. But one thing is for sure, I will NEVER work with, or refer anyone to, Prospect Mortgage again.

So we get the keys but can't move in yet. We had to wait for our general contractor to begin work. The contract says that he has 30 days from close of escrow to begin work, and of course he took his sweet time. Within that time we did what we could do. Within the last 7 weeks, we have done quite a bit.

We raked up 1/3 of the yard and attempted to grow grass. We failed. Plan B is to till it up and start all over. Hubby pruned the trees and it looks great. There is still much to do.

Just a portion of the yard where I started raking.

Home Exterior
I pressure washed the outside of the house. There were years of dirt, dust, spiders, webs, and bugs stuck to the house. I think it needs another go round since some of that stuff wouldn't come off.

Exterminate Spiders
Since the house has been abandoned for a few years, spiders decided to move in. I called Clark to come out and spray, which set us back $175! Ouch! Little did I know that it would take several applications. Hubby bought 6 foggers and bombed the house one day. Those darn pesky daddy long legs are hard to kill. But thank goodness I have not seen another black widow. I want to fog the house a couple more times before we move in. The plan is to get rid of them and then perform a more eco-friendly and cheaper maintenance after.

One of two black widows at the house. Ick!

Water Anyone?
We also purchased and installed a water filtration system due to having private water. Stephanie from Kinetico came to test our water and provided suggestions on which items we would benefit from. I liked the fact that she was very informative, performed the water tests with us present and explained what she was doing. Hubby did his research and tried to look for cheaper alternatives. But in the end, I felt more at ease going with a system that is well known in our area, especially rural areas. It was a pretty penny, but I didn't want to skimp out on the water we'll be using for drinking, cooking and bathing. The only thing we didn't purchase from Kinetico was the reverse osmosis system. We just went to our local Home Depot and purchased one that fits under your kitchen sink.

Our Kinectico water system.

Home Interior
And of course we cleaned the inside of the house. A few weeks ago we ended up having an impromptu cleaning party. Initially it was just the hubs and his coworker. I wasn't feeling too well at the time, but figured I could do something not as strenuous. Then my mom and her hubby finally came out to check out the place. They ended up coming back the following day to do more cleaning. We spent so much time cleaning the walls, molding on the walls, baseboards, ceiling, floors, windows, window screens, the toilets have been cleaned several times, we cleaned.....EVERYTHING. And boy did it make a difference.

Once again, we're still waiting for the few items to be finished by the contractors.
Time's a my son says.

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  1. Sounds like you did a ton of work already. When can you move in? Enjoy your new home!


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